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Our name says it all – we specialize in water treatment and we do it the optimal way. We deliver water treatment plants customized strictly to the individual requirements of every customer. Not only are they optimal in terms of the quality of the obtained water and reliability of our equipment but also in terms of cost-effectiveness of the solutions we implement.

H2Optim is a company with over 25 years of experience in the market. We have become a leader in the water treatment market thanks to continuous learning and constant improvement of solutions that we use.

We are one of the largest water treatment components importers. We specialize in wholesale to water treatment professionals and both to industrial and individual customers. Our offer includes high-quality water filters, softeners reverse osmosis units, , iron removers, manganese removers, carbon filters and other water treatment equipment.

Our company's priority is to provide our customers with high-quality goods, technical support and professional maintenance service. Certificates and industry approved standards, of all products that we sell, as well as satisfied customers, all testify to the high quality of our merchandise. The products that we offer allow every client to find a solution tailored to their needs, while offering the best possible quality.

The foundation of our company consists in highly qualified specialists, who provide help in the decision-making process, professional technical support and professional maintenance service. Thanks to the comprehensive technical support, our customers are sure that the quality of their water is supervised by our experts.

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Wsparcie techniczne

technical advice and selection
of proper technology

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Dobór urządzeń

professional selection
of equipment

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Rozruch i montaż

equipment installation
and start-up

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Profesjonalny serwis


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