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Membrane valves

We sell membrane valves from a renowned American brand AquaMatic, as well as a full range of accessories for these valves. We sell both cast iron valves and Noryl valves.

The valve has two separate chambers:

  • a working chamber through which water flows; closed with a piston
  • a control chamber containing a drive diaphragm connected to the piston

The diaphragm has an area about two times larger than the closing piston, hence the valve closes very accurately when the control pressure is equal to or even slightly lower than the working pressure of the agent.

The valves are made in a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) version. In NO models, the valve is closed by applying control pressure over the diaphragm, which moves the piston and closes the valve. With no control pressure, the valve is open. In NC models, the water from the entrance flows through the internal channel above the diaphragm, causing the valve to close. Applying control pressure under the diaphragm causes the piston to move and the valve to open. The valve is closed without control pressure.