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H2Optim is a general contractor of the water treatment plants. We implement our investments both in „design and build” system and based on the investor's project documentation. We also carry out turnkey projects, starting from an idea and a design and ending with building a facility with installation. Our long-term experience enables us to optimally match the technology to the needs of a customer. Very often it results in significant savings while maintaining high water quality parameters.

The technological systems that we design take into account the initial and the desired water parameters. Depending on the results of inlet water, we select technologies equipped with pre-filters, softeners, iron removers, reverse osmosis, aerators, settling filters, hydrophore sets, retention tanks or settling tanks for washings. We also have extensive experience in the implementation of construction works, electrical installations or SCADA control systems for water treatment systems.

Our areas of expertise

Power Plants

As one of the few companies in Poland, we are experienced in water treatment for power industry where the standards of water quality are very high. We have implemented water treatment stations both for power plants and combined heat and power plants. We are acquainted with the procedures in force in such institutions.

Our innovative solutions include: boiler water preparation (demineralization), condensate purification, softening and decarbonization of water as well as water purification in cooling circuits. All of our solutions focus on achieving maximum system performance while optimizing operating costs. In our installations, we pay attention to environmental aspects and reliability and safety of the station's operation.

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Water with specific parameters is often necessary in industrial and production processes. Reverse osmosis technology is the most popular water treatment technology used to achieve water with such a high degree of purity as is required in industry. It is a process of passing water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore, no chemical, thermal or biological agents are used in this process.

In the electronics or cosmetics industry, electrodeionization (EDI) is also increasingly popular technology. It allows to obtain demineralized water. Again, with this method, semi-permeable membranes and ion exchangers are used, which under the influence of electric current pass ions with a suitable electric charge.
We recommend our company, in particular, to entities from the following industries:

  • manufacturing plants,
  • car washes,
  • chemical industry,
  • cosmetics industry,
  • boiler and refrigeration industry,
  • food and pharmaceutical industry,
  • agriculture,
  • metallurgical industry.

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Municipal water treatment plants

We have built a number of municipal investments that led us to obtain drinking water parameters. We have built and modernized water treatment plants that supply drinking water to many municipalities throughout Poland.

We implement investments for municipal entities under general contracting. This means that we are responsible for both the construction or renovation of the station building, all technology as well as installation and assembly works. We also have extensive experience in the design and implementation of treatment plant management systems through the so-called Operator Panel.

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Home and development propoert installations

We help to choose the right devices for individual clients and developers who want to raise the standard of their investments by introducing a water treatment system.

We help in softening tap water to prevent limescale on the bathroom fittings. We select the optimal station parameters for garden irrigation. We also help in obtaining parameters of drinking water in single-family houses and agritourism houses, which have their own intake from a deep well.

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